We’re Back! | Site Is Getting A Makeover

We want to send out an apology to all the Arrow fans that enjoy this site. It was a tough 4 months and we’ll be back stronger than ever now, with news, photos, and everything we’ve missed. Starting with a big makeover on the themes and all the content getting a redo. This is in hopes to get a domain for this site again in the future. Thanks! for all the patience while we work hard to bring this fan site up to what it needs to be.

Maintenance | We’re Doing A Short One

Hey! Everyone,

We are doing a short maintenance on the website, seeing as part of the site needs some rework done. We’ll try to get up the latest trailers and episode stills soon too. Sorry for the delay as a bit was due to us being switched to a sub-domain.

Arrow | « Season 7 » Trailer + Poster

Arrow returns on Monday, October 15th, 2018. Below you can watch the Season 7 Comic-Con HD Trailer and check out the season’s poster too.

Stephen Amell posted the image on Facebook, with the following caption: “This fall, Green Is The New Black.” it’s a reference to Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black. On the poster, we clearly get hints that Oliver is struggling to stay alive – a man with a massive target on his back, and trapped in the worst hell imaginable.

Arrow | Season 7 Returns On Monday October 15th, 2018

The CW has announced that “Arrow” season 7 will be premiering on Monday, October 15, 2018. We are so excited and cannot wait!

Video | Stephen Amell – E! Live From The Red Carpet Interview

Stephen Amell reveals to E! Live From The Red Carpet that “Everything Is Different” in “Arrow” Season 7. Watch the video below!